Diane Kruer

journals & diaries 1995-2015



“The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it”

 Buckminster Fuller



A rusted bobby pin

A twist of metal

A smashed earring

A broken pencil


Artifacts discarded, lost.

Gathered as souvenirs from every day.

Each with a story, a history.


These are journals articulated in objects rather than words.

A visual diary.


The artifacts are the specific remnant and reminder of that day’s significance. Each one is imbued with memory, connecting back to the day it was discovered.


The tubes hold objects,

the objects hold memory,

the memory holds meaning.


The viewer is invited to consider the tiny details, the unholy artifacts of everyday life, remembering to celebrate and attend the small common moments that when assembled create our lives and significance.


The daily ritual, the discipline (now seemingly, the obsession)

for 20 years: the gathering reminds me to pay attention.