Diane Kruer








“ The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not the think of it” Buckminster Fuller


Art is my way of knowing. It is not until I have “created” or recreated an experience that I feel I know it, understand it or have really even seen it.

 I want to evoke a sense or feeling of place, not a document.  I work to recreate the experience of not just what I saw, but what I remembered and felt.  Mixed media processes imparted directly on the image allow me to restore a sense of the senses, age, and emotion.  I generally find the initial printed image directly from the camera or the computer a little too clean, too flat, still too much in my head. I am drawn to smear and mess up the paper and image a bit for the piece to “feel” correct or accurately mirror my vision and experience.


Simply, I love both the gizmos and the goo.


Combining the technical mediums with the messy mediums retains the essential elements of the photograph (an image based in reality) but adds the textures of the senses and emotions. This “afterimage” is more real and truthful to what, how and why I see than what the camera took away.  I wish for this series of  landscapes to emote a sense of age, grace, beauty and the feeling of a sacred place.